Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Animal Art Work

Many of our SJ Artists have been working on artwork inspired by various animals.

Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade all did sea turtles.  They were encouraged to use lots of designs and colors on the different parts of their shells.  Here are some of the turtles designed by second grade.

Next, we have Llamas!  Fifth and Sixth grade SJ Artists were given drawing instructions on how to draw a llama.  Then they were encouraged to make it their own by adding different landscape backgrounds.  Here are some of the works by sixth grade.

Last, in honor of the new Chinese Lunar New Year animal of the Pig, seventh graders drew a pig and added Chinese symbols of positive messages.  They used marker for shading and watercolors.

We are drawing near to our Art Gala and the Barron Arts Center!  Hope we have a good turn out to celebrate our SJ Artists.  In addition to the artwork displayed, our Artsonia gallery will be running throughout the evening and we will have some performances by some of our music ensemble.

May 23rd from 7-9pm at the Barron Arts Center

See you there!!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Folk Art Flowers and Hot Air Balloon Scenes

Here are some of the latest from Second, Third, and Sixth Grade SJ Artists.

Second and Third Grade learned to draw flowers inspired by the folk art artist, Heather Galler.  They did an amazing job and I love how the oil pastels bring the bright colors of the flowers to life!

Sixth grade did a collage mixed media piece of hot air balloon landscapes.  They searched for a landscape photo and printed it in the computer lab.  Then we used water colors to create the sky.  Then we drew two hot air balloons and colored them with oil pastels.  The finished pieces are stunning!

Friday, April 5, 2019

Rockets and Geodes

It was science art fun for kindergarten and fifth grade!  Take a look at the cool art projects these classes produced inspired by science!!!

Kindergarten learned about different types of lines and used crayons to draw them down an entire sheet of paper.  Then they used water colors to paint the paper.  Next they decorated a rocket ship and we used the first piece as the blast off smoke!  They learned how to draw stars and used white crayon on the white background paper.  They came out amazing!

Fifth grade drew layers for their rock geodes.  They used washable markers to outline each layer and then used water and a paint brush to slowly bring out the color and show the different values of the color.  Then we finished them up by adding a light layer of glue and sprinkled salt on top to give it the rocky aspect like a geode.  Great job, 5th grade!  These came out so cool!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Spring has Sprung

Spring is finally here!  Here are some pieces by some of the SJ Artists, inspired by Spring!

5th Grade used tempera paint to paint out a cherry blossom branch and add the blossoms with paint and a cotton ball.

1st Grade drew sunflowers and colored with oil pastels, inspired by Van Gogh's painting.

7th grade drew a realistic Robin bird and learned how to shade using colored pencils to give it some depth.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Various Water Color Silhouettes

Our middle school classes have been busy with water color projects!  They created the water color backgrounds and then added details with drawing and shading them with black marker to create the shadow silhouettes.

Here are the 6th Grade African Savanna projects.  They used water colors to create the sunset backgrounds and researched photos to find realistic animals to refer to in their drawings.

Here are the 7th grade ocean scenes.  They used water colors to create the ocean background and researched photos to find realistic ocean life to refer to in their drawings.

Finally, the 8th grade class used water colors to create the sunset background and found a picture of an Asian Pagoda to include in their work.  They used the photo to draw their own version.

Great job, Middle School!  Stunning work!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Paul Klee Castle and Sun / Color Wheel Birds

Here is some color to brighten up these yucky, snowy, winter days we have been having!

Third and Fourth Grade SJ Artists created their own versions of the painting "Castle and Sun" by Paul Klee.  They used a piece of cardboard and a sponge soaked in black paint to stamp out shapes and create their castle.  Then they used oil pastels to color and make them bright and colorful.  They came out amazing.  Great job!

First grade did some practice with mixing primary colors to create secondary colors to paint their birds in all of the colors of the color wheel.  They are cute and colorful!  Great job mixing, first graders!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Kindergarten Polar Bears

Here is a project that took two weeks for kindergarten to finish.  They used oil pastels for the first time and learned to smudge to add texture.  They drew the polar bear and added texture details.  The next week we cut them out and used our fine motor skills to rip paper to glue on the snow flake details.  Great job, Kinder SJ Artists!!